A Driver-Oriented Company

Our family-owned company seeks authentic relationships with our drivers and team. We operate from a driver-first mindset, prioritizing the needs of those behind the wheel. Our programs, rewards and friendly culture distinguish us from the rest.

Family Feel

It’s hard to be known at a large carrier. Trade big names for personal connections. You are more than your next load.


Rely on knowing when you’ll be home and for how long. No more second guessing. You’ll know your schedule so you can commit to birthdays, family dinners and the things that matter to you.


Want a change once you’re in? We are flexible with your evolving needs. New route? New co-driver? Our team helps you navigate sticky situations and see what works best for you.


Trucking is not an easy job. We acknowledge your sacrifices and treat you with respect, rewarding you for your time and effort.


Safe drivers make for safer roads. Sky participates in routine safety checks on all of our equipment to ensure it is road ready.

Sky Transportation is for everyone. Apply today to get started.

We celebrate our drivers and know that reaching higher means bringing everyone to the table. At Sky Transportation, everyone has the opportunity to succeed!


If you were assigned to drive a truck in the military, you already have the experience needed to become an OTR driver. We proudly employ our nations heroes. Find out more today!


A growing number of women are joining the trucking industry. Get the support you need to feel comfortable and confident in your career. Take us up on our incentives and earn more as you go.


Are you an experienced truck driver? We hire professionals with one year minimum of OTR driving experience. Apply today to work for Sky Transportation.

So far, the company has done what they've told me. To make it even better, they put it on paper, which a lot of companies won't do."

- Oscar

Join Sky Transportation as a company driver
or owner-operator. Apply today!

Join Sky Transportation as a company driver or owner-operator. Apply today!