Partner with us and drive on your time. We're hiring owner-operators.

Own a truck? Apply for an owner-operator trucking position with Sky Transportation. Grow your business or support your current operation. Build a schedule that suits you and work on your time.


You call the shots.
You decide when you run. Owner-operators select which loads they take and where they drive.


You set your schedule.
What days do you want to be on the road? You have control with an owner-operator job.

Earning Potential

You can earn more.
Owner-operators can out-earn company drivers because they get higher pay per mile.

Career Advancement

You're ready for a change.
Take the next step. If you want something new, becoming an owner-operator may be the answer.

Higher pay per mile helps you make the most out of every trip.

Keep growing your business. Owner-operators who partner with Sky always earn the highest possible amount. You’ll earn higher pay than company drivers, and our negotiated fuel discount helps reduce your expenses.

You're not in it alone. Our benefits assist you
with your owner-operator career.

Use our network to run miles at your paceā€”and get support from our team when you want it. Sky owner-operators get access to our on-site maintenance shop and can drive with passengers.

Don't own a truck yet? We'll get you in superior, late-model equipment.

Lease or buy equipment with Sky! Make affordable lease payments as you drive by enrolling in our Drive-to-Own program. You can also purchase trucks through our sister company, The Truck Store, which sells pre-owned and fleet-maintained Sky trucks.


I want to lease a truck.

The Truck Store

I want to buy a truck.

I've been here going on 11 years now. You get to see all kinds of nice places. You go to the East coast, West coast, North and South. It's awesome."

- Danny

You're this close to being your own boss.
Apply for our owner-operator trucking jobs today!

You're this close to being your own boss. Apply for our owner-operator trucking jobs today!